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Air Conditioning Systems

High efficiency temperature control of any environment really is available at the touch of a button!   Summit Air Conditioning are ideally placed to offer the very best tailored air conditioning solutions whatever the application. From a simple heat pump in your bedroom to a full factory climate control system we really can offer the right system to suit your needs and budget. 

We only install systems provided by the most reputable of manufacturers, to ensure your satisfaction with the end product and to guarantee that full manufacturer backed warrantees are in place. Extended warrantees are available up to a period of 5 years with any installation carried out by us, alongside our bespoke maintenance contracts giving you piece of mind that your investment is being looked after in the right way.  

Summit Air Conditioning have vast experience in installing larger scale air conditioning systems that are tailored to suit your building layout and financial demands. From single split system installations to large scale 2 and 3 pipe VRF solutions, we really can design and install a system to meet your needs. 

For larger projects, summit Air Conditioning are able to offer fully integrated control systems that will tie in seamlessly with your BMS/EMS system. LCD touch screen control panels allow unit by unit or zone by zone temperature and function control throughout your building and the integrated software will help you manage your energy bills by detailing the units of electricity used to power the equipment. 

We are pleased to offer fully comprehensive service and maintenance contracts, carried out by fully trained and competent technicians. Our engineers have completed full time-served apprenticeships and are fully City and Guilds certified. We are registered with REFCOM who ensure that we uphold all current environmental legislation and that all of our refrigeration and air conditioning work is carried out to the proper standards. 


Is air conditioning expensive? 

This is totally dependant on the scale of the job and the level of control you require. Like buying a car, there are many options and tailoring the right solutions to suit your needs is where the savings are made. Getting the right design team is integral to this, if the system is capable of doing more than you need it to it will cost more than it should, like having a car that does 200mph when you only want to do 70.  

Can air conditioning cut my heating bills? 

Yes, when used to heat a room having a fan assisted heating coil is the fastest way to achieve your desired temperature. Inverter technology revolutionised the air conditioning industry a number of years ago allowing systems to run at previously unattainable efficiencies. 

Will installing air conditioning in my office/house overload my electric supply? 

This is dependant on the level at which your electric supply is currently loaded. However typically the answer is no, a small 2.5kW AC system installed into an office/house will usually run at around 5amps and with inverter technology electrical spikes from start-up are drastically reduced. 

Do I need planning permission? 

Again this is dependant on your location and property type. It is always better to check with your local authority to be safe. 

What other benefits does air conditioning provide? 

Whilst your air conditioning system is running, the air is passed through an air filter which will remove dust particles and improve the air quality. This has obvious benefits to sufferers of respiratory conditions such as asthma. Additionally there is a lot to be said for a good nights sleep! Maintaining a bedroom at a comfortable temperature regardless of the conditions outside will help to provide a restful nights sleep making you feel better and more productive the following day. 


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