Ventilation Systems
Bespoke for You

Problems Solved

Installing ventilation into any building can be a difficult process with many design headaches to be thought out and solved. By its very nature ducting can be bulky, obtrusive and a bit of an eyesore depending on the environment it is being installed into. Integrating ducted systems around other services can be challenging especially for larger projects where the very size of the duct can cause multiple issues with routing and clashes with other services.

Intelligent Thinking

At Summit we pride ourselves on our ability to think our way around these problems to achieve solutions that not only fit the building but also meet the demands of the client. We have carried out the design and installation of numerous systems, from simple bathroom extract fans to large multi-floor heat recovery systems for office blocks, as well as bespoke extract solutions for industrial units.

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery ventilation is now becoming an essential part of any new building with energy efficiency standards improving year by year. We are well versed in the design, specification and installation of these systems to meet building regulations along with more stringent building standards such as BREEAM.

System Integration

Integrating your ventilation system with your other building services such as air conditioning can drastically improve the efficiency and reduce the running costs of both systems. We are able to design and specify bespoke control systems that will factor in the other services (even if they are existing) and even communicate effectively with your BMS/EMS systems.


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